When I am 20 ,

I understand that no one is permanent in the world

Personally I’ll treat them like they are my destination

Not considering them as my part of my journey

But they are very clear that they should depart and make a move,

Literally I couldn’t take that, the wild child inside me was sobbing

I don’t have words to console her, whether I should say ” They don’t deserve you “

Life isn’t that ; it isn’t about who leaves you or who stays with you

It’s about who loves you for your kindness

Don’t lose your kindness and humbleness

I’ve been searching for ways to heal myself and I’ve found the kindness is the best way

At last people may leave but memories stays forever

Stay home stay safe!

A century after Spanish flu , we were running a mechanical life,

Corona has came to our realm like a wild fire,

There is a sudden pause, every single soul is in dismay

The pandemic took many innocent life;pooh

Still there is a procrastination in finding medicine.

Though our times are very tough, there is a hope

Humanity immersed into the hearts of people ,

Therefore corona as proved that all are just humans;

No patriarchy, no caste, no creed and no religion

Selfless people around us are great scarifier,

Who sacrificed their own lives for us

So stay home stay safe, no matter what

Challenge or setbacks we encounter

If you’re born without nothing, you have Nothing to lose,

Hope is being able to see the light despite of all the darkness

So hopefully waiting to start a renew life!Be optimistic!

The power of words

‌Once upon a time I was gazing upon the window. I saw a blind man who was sitting near the old dilapidated building. The roads are always occupied with cars and buses. People are used to walk on the roads day and night. The road is always engaged. The old man looked pale and feeble. His forehead was fully covered by wrinkles. He was wearing a brown colour coat and it looks shabby. He was seating near the footpath. He had a tin, which is used to collect the alms. And a cardboard writtened as ” I’m blind please help “. In the street not all people have good heart. Some people out of humanity put some coins on their way. Some doesn’t even care about the old man. When once some one has thrown the coin to him, he can easily figure out the metalic sharp sound of a coin as “clink”. But he rarely gets money.But why ? Whether the people are thinking he is pretending? There I was perplexed why humans have no empathy on the old man? Meanwhile a lady who is wearing neat stiff ironed clothes with a heels. She was wearing black cooling glass looked at the blind man and went. After a few steps she returned back and see those words again. She took a black marker from her pocket and she took the cardboard in her hands and started to write something. The blind man able to figure out that someone is standing before him and writing something because he could ear the squeaky sound when marker and carboard meets. He touched the polished shining shoes before him. The lady wrote something and kept at the same place and went. As a spectator I couldnt understand what is happening. Then next moment he got plethora of coins. He could continuously hear the “clink ” Sound made by the metallic coin. But how what that lady has written in the cardboard. The old man was in ecstatic joy. After few hours the lady came and she started to stare at him. The old man could feel that someone is standing before him. He lifted his arm and touched the shoe. He could feel the shinning polished shoes once again. He asked the lady that ; “how did you do this?” The lady replied ; “I have wrote the same but in different words” . He said thanks! .Then I went near the old man I really want to see what is written in the cardboard. After reading that unconscious my hands went to the pocket and I took few coins and I offered him. The words were written in the cardboard was ” This is a beautiful day but I CAN’T see it ” then I understand the power of words. Use them wisely.

Always remember that your words can plant garden or burn whole forest down.

To my bestie 💖

When I had met you I never thought you would become my lifeline

I’ve got the one who treats everyone just the same

You have always make me feel somewhat special than others

To be honest dealing me is like a “hard nut to crack ”

Though you didn’t leave me in any situation, especially when I’m in dismal

Some people may say friendship and friends never last forever

I defy, for those people our friendship will be an exemplary

I assert that our friendship is not an ordinary one, no comparison

It’s been 9 years ago I met you for the first time

Till now our friendship is growing like a redwoods

Of course there was a big, small, normal fights, misunderstanding all happened still happens sometimes

Though it becomes stronger and stronger after each fights

Key to good friendship is same taste who said

We have a different taste but same mentality

Badminton, lab, stethoscope, black thunder, kochin, hostel these all are not just a words

It carries lots of memories and emotions

Always you will be the first and best friend forever

With lots of memories and love in my heart your poorni 💖

To my doll dharshna 💞

Be selfless

I know it’s not an easy job, though you have to be
Selfless like a candle it illuminate others life by sacrificing his own life
Be a candle to lighten up someone’s dark life, lonely hours
To enchanter their dark, endure life by showing up some light
Do some selfless services to the people who are in need
It leads to enhance your personality and virtue
Be the person who take care of others more than he take care of himself
Because personal care may create a selfish instinct which kills humanity
Ask within urself so far “what I have done for others? “
The life’s nothing but loving and living for others in a selfless way
Hear the sound of your heart, your blood stream, feel your sense
Now what are you waiting for don’t be selfish
If you do good for others the world will constantly nag you, chide you
At last they will say that your a lunatic person, you don’t know how to live
Pshaw! Ignore their words, they thought that your a sucker
Prove them they are actually wrong, don’t be gutted
Take a deep Sniff and think about the welfare of others
It’s doesn’t matter what you bought;it’s what you built
Be kind, be selfless, be generous then no one can deceive you
Render the good heart because selfless love is greater than anything

One side love is the best feeling ever

Im loving you without any expectation
I really know your not mine though
I couldn’t control my feelings over you
You’re my light to my darkness
You’re my heavenly food to my hunger
You’re the pages to my book of life
You’re the good time in my clock
You’re the decoction in my tea
You’re the ink to my pen
You’re the ice in my cream
You’re the only hope in my prayer
You’re the oil in my lamp
You’re the fire in my deya
You’re the air in my balloon
You’re the candy in my wrapper
You’re the battery in my phone
You’re the thread in my cloth
You’re the door to my house
You’re the root to my plant
You’re the water to my rice
You’re the wings to my fan
You’re the key to my lock
You’re the colors to my rainbow
You’re the heat to my blood
You’re the salt in my dish
You’re the paste to my brush
You’re the handkerchief to my hand
You’re the beat in my heart
You’re my everything! Wht else can I tell?
Without you peevishly,my life would have suck in the darkness.
Inevitably I cannot lastout in this world
I gutted because you didn’t take any steps
I can’t deny that I also didn’t take any measures
Because being a daft how can tell you
I don’t want to fiddle you, one day you long for my love
That day you know about the purity in my love
After that you can’t survive in this savage world
Nonone will sacrifice anything except your mother
That time you will realize my love
‌That time i may not be there to pacify you
So let me cherish the moment with full of happiness and joy


An admirer of the nature and people around me
I found an art in everything around me
When I was born I was looking feeble, brunette,
Wavy hair, wide eyes but with the grave health issue
Less immune and weight, three days i was incubated
Inside the glass I was very active and enthusiastic
Though I’m looking feeble Im not a lazy
My mom watch me out with great care and love
I had inhaled the fresh untoxicated oxygen in blue hills
But not anymore ,now I’m fully toxicated
My heart doesn’t know why it’s beating so fast –
Like a racing horse and without knowing the destination
I may not know who I’ll be in nxt ten years
But I’m sure that i will be a exquisite
I didn’t get any degrees or honourary awards
But I won many hearts I think that’s the hardship in life!


Just wanna step out into the accumulation of clouds
How sweet it will be floating in the blue sky,
The clouds has taught me that everyone will change,
I wanna change myself into different shape
And I dressed like a sassy queen,
Jump till I reach the
constellations of stars
The clouds grabs me and taken me to meet their monarch
As soon I met him I nodded, and he asked me to do one favor
I nodded again, he said there are so few who watch us
But I want to tell you the few people who watches daily
Will be stress free, not in endure state
They have solely perseverance, calm mind
Yeah that’s true, then I understand
Just then I woke up from my dream
Oh really, I couldn’t believe that was a dream
From that day till now, I had never fail to watch clouds
It has minute droplets of rain,
and it can produce thunderstorm and lighting
Though the rainbow also hidden back
Remember one thing life isn’t the same always
It will change one day, wait for the right climate